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 Conscious Coffee 

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Truly Great Coffee

Finest quality coffee from around the world, ethically sourced and roasted here in Australia. Served by our Barista from our vintage caravan

Conscious Coffee is all about the thought process that goes into every cup of our coffee. All aspects from the growing conditions and trading practices for green beans, through the roasting to brewing, are part of a deliberate and conscious decision-making process that encompasses a two-fold philosophy of finest quality combined with ethical sustainability. 


Located in The Oaks, gateway to the beautiful NSW Southern Highlands, we specialise in bringing that blend of highest quality and local service. 

House Blend


Our favourite house blend as used in our vintage caravan. This strong yet mellow blend of beans from Brazil, Columbia and Papua New Guinea is the perfect blend for espresso or milk-based coffee. 

Full bodied, lingering aftertaste with notes of spice, chocolate and caramel and low acidity. This blend is a favourite for chucking down a hard-core espresso, and also a soft and fluffy cappuccino for the less coffee inclined. A versatile coffee with a wide pallet.

Why Ethical
Coffee Matters 


Conscious Coffee is about the process that goes into every cup of our coffee.


From the farming of the coffee trees and harvesting of the cherries to the trading practices for the green beans. We ensure our beans are traded with coops and where available, our specialty single-origin beans sourced directly from the estate. 


This conscious and aware decision-making process continues through to our special crafted roasting processes and brewed with expert love and care by our coffee-loving barista. 


This is our two-fold philosophy of finest quality, and ethical sustainability. 

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