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From the Earth to Your Cup - the Philosophy of Conscious Coffee

I started Conscious Coffee as a personal project to follow my passion for the art and ritual that has been lost with coffee. Having worked in emergency services and more recently in corporate offices, I saw how coffee had become little more than a drug of choice, misused simply to assist the already hypertensive individuals who were desperately trying to force their way through the unnatural lives that their existences had become.

My wife Elise a few years earlier followed her own passion by starting Timeless Tea. For her, tea was not just about flavour, but more so about the purity of the ingredients and even further, as a tool and a means for assisting people towards personal mindfulness.

This same philosophy I now apply to my coffee, where I chase the story behind every bean all the way to the cup. It is vital that the energy that has nurtured the growth of every coffee bean from the earth, the farming practices, the communities affected; all these contribute to the miracle that creates such a complex and beautiful beverage.

For me, coffee is a pure passion. I love sourcing the green beans,  roasting, brewing, experimenting with and drinking the results in a mindful manner. In this way, coffee is part of my daily ritual where I can absorb the energy behind the drink, consciously, and with clear conscience. From the Earth to your cup!


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